From breakup to makeup - Samantha's story

Who would think that sending a breakup text could result in walking down the aisle with that person six months later?

Well it happened to Samantha, and we couldn't believe her story when she told us. Using The Breakup Store's incredible breakup text technology, Samantha gave her man a swift kick in the head which turned both their lives around for the better!

Read her incredible story below.

I was 28, hated my job, and was stuck in a miserable relationship. My boyfriend Ron spent more time playing Candy Crush on his phone than he did crushing on me. I was fed up.
turned to The Breakup Store and chose their "Breakup Text" option because I knew Ron would be forced to see it. They contacted me the next day to arrange the breakup, and told me when it would show up on his phone. I left the house for what I thought would be the final time, but I couldn't have expected what happened next.
My phone lit up with a text. It was from Ron. All it said was: "Come home. I have something to show you." 
Ron was standing in the doorway. He was holding a ring. 
"That text woke me up," Ron said, "I realized I've been face-down in my phone for way too long, and I can't lose someone as good as you."
I was smiling while tears rolled down my face. Ron held the ring up to my finger and told me he used all his online poker winnings to get it for me, and that he was done with his phone forever.
Ron and I got married and it turned my life around. Now I'm a dental hygienist and Ron stays at home as a day trader. He's never been more loving, and I've never been more happy. And it's all thanks to The Breakup Store!
- Samantha, 29, Monteray, CA


What an inspiring story. We love to make people's lies better, and couldn't be happier for Samantha and Ron. 

So next time you send a breakup text just remember, you might be in for unexpectedly happy results!