How she met the man of her dreams by dumping the man of her nightmares

Vanessa was laid off from her serving job the day she decided to come to The Breakup Shop. What happened next changed her the life. 

Read below about how she dumped a zero and got a hero using The Breakup Store.

I loved working as a server. Problem was, it didn't bring in enough money to support me and my son. My boyfriend Steve told me he was going to provide for us, but all he cared about was his band. They stunk and never got any gigs.

Steve's band

The last straw was when I was laid off from my restaurant. That was it. If Steve can't provide for us, I'm going to find someone who will. 

I went to The Breakup Store online and ordered the Breakup Letter. The team at The Breakup Store emailed me and helped me create a custom letter to let Steve know how I felt. His band wasn't going anywhere, but I was.

Steve didn't take it well. He left the house in a fit of rage and stole my car. We were able to get it back and Steve's now serving a three year jail term. Which is where Mark comes in.

Mark was my lawyer, and helped send Steve behind bars. Turns out Mark had also used The Breakup Store and was recently single himself. We bonded over this and before you know it Mark was taking me to the opera, to fancy wine bars, and taking my son Zachary to the zoo. 

I've been with Mark now for three months now, and it was all thanks to The Breakup Shop!

- Vanessa, 24, Winnipeg, MB


Unhappy situations can often turn around in unexpected ways. We're so glad you were able to find the man of your dreams and provide for your son. Breakups, while unpleasant, can offer the keys to a better life. Congrats Vanessa!