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Welcome To Breakup Shop

Hi, I am Andrea Shipley, Founder of Breakup Shop

The Breakup Shop team is an experienced group relationship, love, and dating experts who share their wisdom with millions of people worldwide. We are no different than you. We simply are people who have gone through tough breakups, dates, heartbreak and want to help others get through it. 

How It Started

I have always had a passion and desire for helping people with extreme complexities in relationships and love. I've been a relationship coach for over 15 years, providing advice one-to-one with individuals since early 2006, but the rockstars are my expert content writing team. 

They are the content creators who immerse themselves so deep into the topic they are writing about to bring our readers into their world and connect. 

Andrea Shipley - Founder

Location: Chicago, IL

Age: 35

Email: andrea@breakupshop.com

Team and Culture

Our team consists of myself and over 25 expert writers. We have organized our team around three main things: Personal Experience, Curiosity, and Demographics.

Our content writing team have a natural curious and interest in the topics they write and have a real burning desire to research, understand, and communicate their ideas. We have both men and women writers between the ages of 20-55 who have a lot of personal experience in the topics they write about. The idea is that each article is directly “speaking our reader's language”. For instance, our topics on divorce give you the insight of people who've gone through divorce. We feel there is no other option to connect on a deep level with people than to provide first-hand experience. 

Type of Content

We have widespread content, but all of it revolves around marriage, breakups, divorce, dating, heartbreak, relationships, and love. We focus on creating content in these topics with personal experiences, advice, research from other relationship experts, and reviews of services and products we think our readers can use to better their love life.

Plans for the Future

We are currently working on creating a membership area with exclusive content from the most sought-after relationship experts in the world. This project's details are still taking shape, but our goal is to have an online forum, weekly community Q/A with our members and experts to address their personal questions and support. 

Get In Touch

You can reach out to us anytime to share your experiences and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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