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1 Million

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I know that getting older doesn't mean I can't enjoy the finer things in life, such as romance, but using dating sites is a lot harder.

I'm a woman in my late 40s, and so many of the popular sites seem to be full of users who are in or fresh out of college.

I'm not looking for someone half my age, and I'm certainly not looking to hit the clubs.

Finding out about DateMyAge has given me a lot of relief with dating. I've met amazing men who are actually in my generation.

This is one of the reasons why you should join DateMyAge. But don't join before you read this guide and find out if this is the right online dating experience for you.

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If you are not looking for a casual encounter, let's continue with the review.

Here are all the pros and cons.

Key Features

  •  Join for Free 
  • No Month Membership
  •  Live Chat Messaging


  • 400,000 members in the United States
  • 55% male : 45% female
  • Global membership just above 1 million
  • 10,000 new members per month
  • High activity among users

Lamenting being older on the dating scene doesn't help matters. There's also far more of a bright side than you probably realize.

A lot of people can find themselves in bad situations due to their naivety.

DateMyAge users like yourself have the intellectual depth that comes with maturity.

You'll notice this when you start looking at profiles. There's a level of self-assuredness that's communicated from the users.

They don't want to waste anyone's time or deal with anyone who would do so.

Many of them have plenty of dating experience, and they've learned to not repeat mistakes.

Sign Up (Get Free Credits*)

  • Fast signup process
  • Registration info can show up on profile
  • Minimal information required
  • No cost to sign up

Setting yourself up with a DateMyAge profile is really straightforward.

You just need to put in your age and gender, along with your email address and a password. It's totally free to sign up for this site.

To help you get matched with the correct users, DateMyAge has users fill out a survey. Answer these questions carefully.

You could quickly be paired with someone who you're meant to be with.


  • No cost for checking out profiles
  • Can include a lot of profile information
  • Not everyone completes their profiles

Being on DateMyAge can be like going on a treasure hunt. (A treasure hunt that can very fruitful!)

You need to use the search function to find people you'll really like, but the site has such as good search that it's a pleasure.

You can sort people by what's most important to you, such as their age.

More can be done to show a user how serious you are. You can send them online gifts.

If you have a premium account, you'll be able to send an infinite amount of messages and curate a friend's list.

Making Contact

  • Need to purchase credits to send messages
  • Email other members
  • Send gifts to other members and stand out

There are lots of good communication methods for users on DateMyAge. You can use emails and messaging. 

There's also instant messaging and even video conversations.

Much greater communication is possible through having a paid account. When messaging a user, bring up shared interests or values.

This is a great change of pace from messages that just feature one-word salutations.

Date My Age Costs & Prices

Although you can join DateMyAge for free, you need to have a paid account to really get anything out of the site.

For instance, it's required for sending more than a single message. You can get a single month of premium access before you decide if you want to pay for it.

DateMyAge utilizes credits instead of a monthly subscription fee. You can buy 20 credits, 160 credits, or 1,000 credits.

These rates can go down if you demonstrate loyalty as a customer. You might start out with the smallest number of credits and increase it over time.

However, the more credits you purchase right away, the more money you save over time.

Pros and Cons


  • Has helped many mature singles find love
  • Easy to use platform
  • Information is kept safe
  • Lack of fake profiles
  • Don't have to worry about users outside of your age range


  • There is no matching algorithm. Need to search yourself
  • Can't have a monthly subscription

The Bottom Line:

Making excuses for why you can't date, such as being "too old," doesn't do anything to help your cause.

There's always a reason to not do something, but if it's something that you actually care about, you'll find a way to accomplish it.

Dating can definitely become harder as you get older, but difficulty is far less of a hindrance than we make it out to be.

Sites like DateMyAge offer incredible assistance. If you're not convinced, join the site and give premium a try. 

You could end up with more optimism about relationships than you've had in years.