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Elite Singles vs Match Comparison (Updated for 2020)

If you're looking for love, online dating is a superb choice. The harder decision is figuring out which site to join. With nearly 8,000 sites in operation, you have a lot of chaff to get through. Two of the best dating sites are Elite Singles and Match.

You might be stuck between both of these sites but decide that you want to commit to one. Instead of just flipping a coin and hoping for the best, you can use this guide as a means of helping you determine what's most important to you. Answering the question "Is Elite Singles better than Match?" will come down to what you're looking for.

You can't rely solely on quantitative data for choosing a dating site, but it can help. Both Elite Singles and Match are highly rated, and it's not just based on arbitrary metrics like "they help people get dates." Read on, and you'll see why each site has considerable value.

Elite Singles: 4.6 / 5.0

Elite Singles earns its name on the back of pairing together singles who are in the front of the dating field, mainly based on their education, with most having college degrees. There's also a great deal of maturity, with many being older and looking to have a meaningful relationship with someone.

Elite Singles brings in approximately two million visits per month, and the gender breakdown is 44% men to 56% women. You can join via your desktop or mobile device, such as using the app.

Recommended Age

25 - 45

Number of Members

15 Million

Sign Up

20 Minutes

For Singles Seeking

Dates & Relationships


  • Educated Members
  • Ideal for Professionals
  • Excellent Personality Assessment


  • Longer Sign Up Process

Match: 4.9 / 5.0

Match, on the other hand, has been around for nearly a decade longer than Elite Singles. Founded in 1993, when having the internet, let alone doing online dating, made you seem like an eccentric, Match has become a force, and it's not just because it was one of the first dating sites.

It has Elite Singles beat both in terms of rating (4.9/5 to Elite Singles' 4.6/5) but also in terms of usage. Each month, Match sees close to 40 million visits. There's also a closer gender breakdown, with it being 49/51 percent men to women.

Recommended Age

20 - 45

Number of Members

29 Million

Sign Up

20 Minutes

For Singles Seeking

Dates & Relationships


  • Large User Base
  • Easy Sign Up
  • ​Secure Messaging


  • ​Short "About Me" Section

Who Wins The Overall Battle?

Sometimes, a victory can seem like a landslide when it's a close call. While Elite Singles has many excellent qualities and its ratings are part of that, it just can't compete with Match in terms of execution and outreach. Match is such a fantastic site because it doesn't just rest on its reputation.

Match helped to get online dating off the ground, and sites like Elite Singles owe it a debt of gratitude. However, the more focused aspect of Elite Singles means that it could be a lot more appealing to someone who knows exactly what they're looking for. Match has more going on, but that could feel overwhelming if you're not ready for it.

Elite Singles or Match: Cost Comparison

Money can't buy you love, but signing up for a paid membership to a dating site can help you get all the closer to that person of your dreams. Both Elite Singles and Match offer different plans that become more economical when you sign up for more extended memberships. Scrutinizing the cost of each site will help you make the wisest decision possible.

Elite Singles: From $0 to $49.95 Memberships

While you don't need to pay to join Elite Singles, you'll likely not get any real satisfaction out of the free experience. The free trial helps you to get a decent feel for the site, but finding out who's been browsing your profile and peeping a gander at the messages they've been lobbing your way requires an upgrade.

Fear not, the free trial still gives you some fun, such as being able to take the famous personality assessment and show your interest in another user through "smiles." A single month's membership costs $49.95, three months cost $34.95 per month, and six months cost $24.95 per month. Start with the free trial, and once you're convinced of its power, go for the full one. 

Match: From $0 to $27.99 Memberships

Likewise, Match gives you a free option that lets you get your feet wet, particularly with strong search options and lots of chances to put up photos. There's also more flexibility with memberships.

You can sign up for a year at $20.99 per month, six months at $23.99 per month, or three months at $27.99 per month. However, the sooner you find your true love, the better. The free trial can also let you determine if Match is right for you. You can also get three days of premium for free.

If, however, you are ready for the paid membership subscription right away, you will save over 63% on a six month membership by using our special discount link.

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Who Wins the Price Battle?

It's a close call, but Match wins in terms of penny-pinching. The overall cost difference isn't immensely different for a six month membership, and you should be good with either site as long as there's room in your budget. Just be sure you're covering all your other financial bases before pulling out the credit card for an Elite Singles or Match membership.

Match.com vs Elite Singles: User Base

You can have the fastest-running site with the most attentive staff, but it won't matter unless the users are considerate and desirable. All dating sites are going to have some not-so-good types on them, especially ones as big as Match and Elite singles, but what's most important is there is a general baseline of quality.

Match: 30 Countries, 29 Million Straight & Gay Users

As previously stated, Match has a much broader user pool than Elite Singles. The number of countries that provide access to Match is more than 30, and there's also lots of diversity. Your odds of success will be best if you're looking to settle down with somebody.

Elite Singles: 15 Million Members from Over 24 Countries

Elite Singles brings in roughly 165,000 hopeful singles per month. That's quite an impressive quota for a site that's focused on attracting first-rate candidates. With a couple of million visitors per month, Elite Singles also sees a steady stream of browsing.

You can feel like you're in a well-populated by not egregiously crowded social spot when you're on Elite Singles. It's also perfect for people from different backgrounds, such as diverse races and sexual orientations. You can also get access to users from more than two dozen countries.

Elite Singles Fought Hard, But Match Wins

This is another area where Match has the advantage. It's not so much that Elite Singles can't keep up as it is that Match is just so far ahead. That's what having close to a decade of a head start will do, along with having a more general theme.

Elite Singles versus Match: Matching Comparison

Dating sites will talk about their matching systems as though they're entirely fail-safe in terms of finding you your Prince (or Princess) Charming. Even if no site's matching system is perfect, the more thorough they are, the better. Both Elite Singles and Match have developed strong reputations for how good they are at matching users.

Elite Singles: In-Depth Personality Assessment for Matching

Matching on Elite Singles hinges on how you fill out the provided personality assessment. This isn't something to be filled out with indifference as you race to find your matches because it's what will ultimately determine who you're paired with. Take the time to focus on each question. 

You might not have the perfect answer at every opportunity, but you can succeed based on instincts. You could also lear a couple of things about yourself and what you value the most. Once you've completed this, you can move towards scouting out great matches through things like the search function as well as the "Have You Met?" section.

Match: Search On Your Own + Receive Daily Matches

Match also does an excellent job of making you aware of great matches. You'll be shown five users per day that the site thinks would be right for you. Additionally, you can use their search system to narrow down what you want from a potential partner. There are different systems in place, including Reverse Match and Mutual Match. Match can certainly create sparks when it comes to online dating.

Our Choice: Match's Multi-Option Matching

This is the closest of any comparison yet, but we still have to give the edge to Match. It has such a vast range of choices for hopeful singles. However, it would be best if you didn't count out Elite Singles, as it can also be an excellent resource in terms of matching capability.

EliteSingles.com vs. Match: Success Rates

Dating sites needs to get results, or they're going to come across as a waste of time. You should never go into a dating site expecting to find the love of your life right away, but the website should be able to give you hope in that possibility. Elite Singles and Match each have a great rate of success, but which is the best? Success means different things to different people, but you should agree with these arguments for each site's worthiness.

Elite Singles: 2,000+ people find love each month

More than two thousand relationships blossom each month courtesy of Elite Singles. There's also lots of appreciation for the site in terms of quality. While the user base is smaller than Match's, it's still in close competition when it comes to the overall standard.

Match.com: Most Connections Out of All Dating Websites

If you counted all the relationships that had been started and had reached marital status thanks to Match, you might be shocked to realize just how high numbers can go. It's a total behemoth of a dating site, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Not everyone who meets via Match gets married or even goes on a second date, but the site has history and numbers on its side. Hearing that a long-married couple met on Match is not the shock it might have been twenty or even ten years ago. The longer Match is around, the more unions we can expect to spring forth from it.

Our Choice For Success Rates: Match

While Elite Singles has lots of great users making connections with one another, Match has that, and way more people signed up. It became such a prominent site for a reason. In a time when finding someone felt like it was limited to being set up, asking out people you already knew or risking a blind date, Match was a game-changer for both the internet and for dating in general.

Each Round Was Close, But Match Wins The War

If there were an online dating Mt. Rushmore, both Match and Elite Singles would deserve spots on it. If you're still wondering, "Is Elite Singles better than Match?" the answer is no, because Match pulls out ahead in most categories.

However, both sites are worth visiting and joining. You need to be focused on what you want and reflect on how each site does what you need for it to.

Still unsure about which to choose? You can always read our full review of Match here or Elite Singles here.