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There was a time when I wanted to stop dating. Or rather, I wanted to stop going through the annoying parts of dating.

I really hated having to go through so many dating sites that seemed to think it was their mission to get you hitched. I might change my mind about marriage someday, but that is certainly not today.

When I was told about a site called Flirt, it sounded so good that I had trouble believing it could be legitimate. It turns out it's real and worked excellently for me.

Founded in 2009, it's a relatively new site and reflects contemporary trends, as it's meant for no-stakes dating. I love how easy it is to join the site and how it works for different orientations.

Read on to discover all the information you'll need to know about this site and whether it's a good fit for you or not.

Key Features

  • "Like Gallery" lets you search through matches quickly to see if you're compatible.
  • "Safe Mode" helps you to feel much safer about which members can reach out to you and which cannot.
  • "Promote My Account" get more attention to your profile by highlighting your profile to other members.
  • "Flirtcasts" let's you decide between different ice-breakers that will act as a way to get someone's attention.
  • "Satisfaction Guarantee" If you sign up for an initial 3 month membership and don't find someone, you can get a no-cost 3 days on an affiliated dating site


  •  1 million members (from United States)
  •  70,000 people online per week
  •  35% male : 65% female
  •  Members focused on casual relations, hookups, and flirting
  •  Users are primarily from USA, Canada, and the UK
  •  High user activity

Although the United States is the leader for Flirt membership, you can find users from different countries here.

About 10,000 people log onto the site each day. Additionally, if you're looking for women, you should be in luck, as the site is 65 percent female.

Flirt user base skewers young but not too young. There are lots of people on the site in their 20s and early-to-mid 30s.

You'll also find many national backgrounds represented on Flirt. This atmosphere of diversity brings lots of intrigue to the site, as it can make it feel like a true melting pot.

The number of profiles on
Flirt doesn't align with the number of real users. Many have found obvious fake accounts, some featuring pictures of famous people. 

Keep your eyes peeled for anything that raises suspicion, including pictures that look like stock photos or messages that try to pry confidential information out of you.

  • Fast signup process (3-5 min)
  • Can't sign up through Facebook
  • For adults 18 or older
  • Verification of email required

Flirt knows that you're busy and don't want to devote your day to sign up for an account.

That's why it provides users with a very quick registration process. Even if you're really taking your time, it shouldn't take any longer than five minutes for you to join.

You don't need to include a photo right away. However, if you don't have a photo, no one will be able to see your profile. The background details you need to provide are minimal and sensible.

These include where you live, gender, and what gender you're desiring. Flirt does a very good job of being inclusive to gay users as well as straight ones.

You'll need to verify your account through email. You can activate through clicking a link or by using a code.

Even with the email verification, you should still be aware of the number of fake profiles on Flirt.


  • Website monitors info and photos
  • Need to pay to see full member profiles
  • Easy to fill out profile information

A negative part of Flirt having such easy profiles to fill out is that you might see that profiles are pretty scanty in terms of details.

All visible profiles will include photos and general information, but you might be left feeling like you don't really know anything about a user.

Try to be a good role model and have your profile be detailed.You can't mentally will anyone to add to their profile, but you can ask them to do so. 

Another reason you'll want to get a premium account is that you need to be a paid user in order to know what another user wants from a match. You can also see like-minded matches beneath a user's page.

If you want your account verified, you can do it via phone call. Simply call the administrators and confirm that it's you.

This might seem a little old-fashioned, but it's a nice change of pace for website verification.

Making Contact

  • Free users can search and explore other members
  • Like gallery shows who could be a great match
  • Chatroom is a paid feature 
  • No cost to wink and favorite other profiles

Things are a lot better for Flirt's female users, as women get to message regardless of if they have a paid account.

If you're a man with a free account, you either have to snd winks, which are how you indicate general attraction or send one of five pre-programmed messages that you're allowed to send to up to five people.

However, if you end up hearing back from a user, you won't be able to see their message until you sign up for a premium account.

You have 24 hours to initiate your new account, after which the message will be discarded. Sometimes, you'll see messages that raise eyebrows. You might be alerted that the site is looking into this member.

A fun way to go through matches is by using "Like Gallery." With this feature, you'll click through matches, deciding which ones pique your interest.

When you find people you want to reach out to later, you can add them to your "favorites" list.

Flirt Costs & Pricing

It's pretty affordable to sign up for a premium account on Flirt. A paid account offers you great features like being able to trade media with other users.

It also enhances existing features, such as better search options and larger pictures. You'll also be able to get help from the site's team.

You can pay for a single-month of membership or three or six months. You'll save more money the longer your subscription plan is.

If you want more evidence about a premium account's worth, you can get a lower-cost three-day trial. You can sign up for the site using your credit card.

Update: Flirt is currently offering pricing at 40% off a short time. This pricing may change back to it's normal pricing at any time. See below for the 40% offer.

Pros and Cons


  • Members from countries around the globe
  • 4 minutes to sign-up
  • Many messaging features
  • Free to make an account
  • Affordable options for membership


  • Chat with other members only for paid accounts
  • Some fake profiles

The Bottom Line:

Flirt succeeds as a dating site for people who are looking for something fast and fun rather than something that requires self-sacrifice and growth.

This isn't meant to sound dismissive but to help steer the right people towards the site. You might not recommend this site to someone who is a devoted Christian, but it still serves a purpose.

The purposes can be more felt if you sign up for a paid account. You won't have to cut into your wallet too much with a paid account.  

Even if you don't make an account immediately, you should still visit Flirt. It's great for letting your hair down and enjoying some fun.

Flirting will never go out of style, and this site lets you employ your best methods of flirtation. Plus, you can sign up for a free account so there is no risk for you. Enjoy Flirt!

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