It’s Just Lunch Dating Service Review

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20 - 45

Number of Members

1 Million

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2 Minutes

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Serious Relationships







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5.0 / 5.0

If I wasn't striking out with online dating, I certainly wasn't hitting it out of the park.

There had been so many sites I had joined and people I had messaged. But why was I just languishing in uncertainty and dissatisfaction?

I wasn't turning anyone off, but I wasn't able to connect with others in a meaningful way either.

The right site was waiting for me, and it's one that's best around for almost three decades.

It's Just Lunch has a bit of a deceptive name, but it's by far one of the best dating sites I've ever come across.

This dating site takes a whole different approach than traditional dating sites which makes it so effective. Here's what I discovered:

Key Benefits

  •  Exclusive Dating Service (Not Everyone Gets Accepted)
  •  For Busy Professionals
  •  Women Are The Majority
  •  Strict No Spam Policy


  • 500,000 members (from United States)
  • For busy professionals who need a professional agencies help
  • 40% male : 60% female
  • Members focused on serious relationships
  • High activity among users

It's Just Lunch has a far more personal touch than most dating sites.

While others just let you make an account and cut you loose, It's Just Lunch cares about actually setting you up with the right person. 

That's why they're better described as a matchmaking service. We're going to give you a brief on each of the matchmaking varieties.

  • Agency - With a matchmaking agency, a staff at a business works to find the right matches for you 
  • Private - The principles are similar to an agency, but more personal
  • Elite - These sorts of matchmakers have higher-end clientele 
  • Online - These matchmakers operate just like standard ones, only their businesses are exclusively based online

 Although It's Just Lunch might seem like it's an online matchmaker, it would actually be considered an agency.

The multi-person operation help to meet the demands of their clients, who expect to find people they'll really get along with.

Sign Up

  • Signup involves phone and Skype calls
  • Exclusive dating service
  • Must pay fees upfront to join

There are minimal steps involved in joining It's Just Lunch. 

You'll input basic information and then have a call with a matchmaker, explaining how the site works and its costs. 

Once you've agreed to their terms, you need to get ready for the Skype interview.

The Skype interview determines if you have a future with the site.

It's Just Lunch screens users to make sure they're only bringing in people who match their values. 

Do our best to dress well and be polite. You need to show that you actually care about people and that you could be considered a viable option for many people.


  • Matchmakers arrange dates
  • Focus is on lunch time or post workout dates
  • Uses temperament plus likes and dislikes to match members
  • Both parties must agree to subsequent date

The strain of finding people to message and set up dates with isn't part of It's Just Lunch.

Instead, that all falls on the matchmaker. Once they have all the necessary facts about yourself and what you want from a partner, they'll be able to help you find the right dates.

As part of their focus on professionals and respect for their schedules, It's Just Lunch books dates based on when you're available, such as after work or at lunch, hence the name.

If a date goes well, another can be scheduled, provided both people agree.


  • Active and affluent members
  • Good number of LGBTQ members
  • Women have a larger presence
  • Success stories are posted on site

You may wonder why a matchmaking service like It's Just Lunch is so popular. A big reason is a lack of time.

Users have a lot of business to take care of, literally. They want to find love, but they also have to be honest with themselves.

That's why It's Just Lunch can be so relieving. Users are typically in their late 20s to early 30s. 

Browsing the site, you'll see stories from couples who found true love thanks to the site. That could someday include you.

It's Just Lunch Costs & Pricing

You need to be really serious about wanting love if you're joining It's Just Lunch.

Users can spend at least a couple thousand dollars on average. However, your money is going to a good cause, as the matchmakers are serious about their passion and expertise.

The only thing you're able to do for free is have a phone interview. This lasts for 30 minutes and helps clarify matters.

When you pay for a It's Just Lunch, you're showing how much you value your romantic future.

Pros and Cons


  • Professional matchmaking service
  • Exclusive dating service
  • Affluent and active members
  • Very qualified dates
  • Thousands of success stories


  • Takes more committment than traditional sites
  • More costly than regular dating (you get what you pay for)

The Bottom Line:

It's Just Lunch is a site with a playful name and a playful vibe.

You could get to know someone just for a meal and end up with something much greater.

As with any other romantic experience, you need to know how to keep your expectations tempered. You also need to know how to be yourself.

If this is all doable, then It's Just Lunch is a site for you. More can be accomplished by paying for the full experience.

Who knows, this may be the last dating site you'll ever need.