Japan Cupid Review

Recommended Age

20 - 45

Number of Members

1 Million

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2-3 Minutes

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4.2 / 5.0

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5.0 / 5.0

The first time I joined a dating site, I had the notion that I would find true love in a day or less.

Then, reality sunk in and continued to decline with each new site I joined. I was either finding no one or getting messages from people who were not my type.

I'm a proud Japanese woman, and this was something that these sites didn't particularly understand.

So few users looked like me or could relate to my experience. My discovery of JapanCupid has made me far happier in dating.

In this review, I'm going to go over all the pros and cons so you can see if this site is right for you or not.

Key Features

  • "Message Filter" let's you filter messages from people you don't want to speak to and focus on the ones you are feel a connection with.
  • "Cupid Tag" let's you apply "tags" to your profile so that other members can find you based on the specific keywords you put. Think about words that describe your personality, hobbies, appearance, and desires.


  • 100,000 members (from United States)
  • 6,000 users visit per day
  • 60% male : 40% female
  • Members focused on relationships
  • Many Asian nations represented
  • High activity among users

You'll find lots of Japanese and other Asian ethnicity users on JapanCupid. There's also plenty of American users, as they comprise more than 10 percent of the overall user base.

If you're from the United States and are hoping to be with a Japanese woman, JapanCupid can help answer your needs.

Women might have an easier experience finding people, as they only make up 40 percent of the JapanCupid users.

To help yourself best appeal to your matches, make sure to complete your profile.

There's no single age group that dominates JapanCupid. You can find men and women who are in their late teens, twenties, thirties, forties, and beyond.

  • Fast signup process (1-2 min)
  • Can sign up through Facebook
  • Verification of email NOT required

People join dating sites to help with time constraints, and JapanCupid makes saving time even easier.

The process can be shortened even more if you sign up through Facebook. The extent of your registration efforts is giving your first name, along with your email and password.

On the flip side, such easy signup means that JapanCupid can look a little weak when it comes to security. 

Users aren't required to validate their emails. Nonetheless, you should be truthful with every part of registration.

JapanCupid could be a great site to join for anyone who's new to online dating. You only have to put a small amount of time into joining. 


  • Members are allowed to put have customized messages on their profile
  • Women's profile photos are of model quality
  • No cost to look at profiles
  • Profile photos and info can be added or changed later
  • Very detailed and informative profiles

Tons can be learned about JapanCupid users, even when only looking at profiles for a few minutes.

The different sections of the site help break down a user's personality and what they care about. Language restrictions don't get in the way either, as JapanCupid offers translation.

Relax if you're worried about your profile details eventually not matching who you are, such as you changing jobs. You can painlessly update your information.

If you have any concerns about whether you and a match will be able to communicate, the site shows how fluent a user is in English and Japanese.

You can see a user's profile picture even without having a premium account. When selecting your photo, choose one that highlights your beauty and charisma, no matter what size it's viewed in.

This can be a good excuse for taking a new, distinguished photo of yourself.

Making Contact

  • Filter messages from users you aren't interested in
  • No charge for searching and looking at profiles
  • Live chat with other members 

There's no requirement for JapanCupid users to be seeking a lifelong relationship or even anything sexual. 

You can find someone to be friends with, even if you never actually meet in-person. Lots of means of messaging and showing your intrigue are available.

One of the main ways to display infatuation is through "interest" given to another user. This is available for free.

Free users are also allowed to leave messages on photos and "favorite" users, as well as interact with paid users.

As a paid user, you get to message anyone. Not prepared for a solo talk? You can use the chatroom for talking with other JapanCupid users in a less pressuring environment.

JapanCupid Costs & Pricing

Signing up for JapanCupid and not getting a paid account right away isn't a bad idea. 

You can get your profile together, demonstrate interest, and message with paid users.

Once you've determined that you like the site enough to stick around, it's time to get a paid account.

Both Gold and Platinum members get to message with all types of users, as well as enjoying instant messaging and private browsing.

However, Platinum users are allowed more profile room, can be marked as "VIP" and better search abilities.

JapanCupid also gives you options in terms of how long your membership lasts. You can select Gold or Platinum for one month, three years, or a year.

A longer plan means a lower bill, per month.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of female members from different Asian countries
  • 2 minutes to signup
  • Many ways to show you're interested in someone
  • Free to browse profiles
  • Cupid Tag feature
  • Affordable monthly membership.


  • Sending messages is only for paying members
  • Narrowing down users can take time

The Bottom Line:

Given the choice between wasting time on generic dating sites and joining JapanCupid, it should now be clear as to what you should do. 

I won't tell you that joining this site will eliminate all your dating concerns, as you still need to work on yourself at whatever level necessary. ​

Ultimately, the success of your dating journey is up to you and how much effort you put in.

By signing up for a free JapanCupid account, you can quickly learn what being part of this site is like. It's fantastic for Japanese singles and those who are interested in them.