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UPDATE: Due to numerous complaints we have received about Jdate, we no longer have the good faith in recommending this dating website.

Some of the reasons include: lack of customer service, unwarranted billing charges, inactive members, lack of successful relationships, and many more. 

Here are two better alternative dating sites you can check out: 

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JDate joins a proud line of dating sites targeted towards people from specific backgrounds. In this case, the "J" stands for "Jewish." If you're a Jewish single who wants to find someone to spend your life with, JDate could be the best site for you.

I can vouch for the site, as it helped me to meet my boyfriend. I'd been going through all kinds of websites and coming up short. Thankfully, JDate was able to come through for me.

I appreciated the emphasis on Judaism and saw that there were so many users who shared my passion for Jewish identity and faith.

There are lots of cool features on JDate. For instance, there's a chatroom and a high-quality mobile app.

While I no longer use the site, thanks to being in a happy relationship, I cannot underestimate how much of a difference it has made in my life.

With this article, I'll give you all of the information about JDate that you'll need. This site is excellent for people who are Jewish, as well as those who are curious about dating Jewish individuals.

Should you be a Jewish single who's ready for love, JDate should be the first site you join.

Key Features

  • "Secret Admirer" is a feature that lets you show your approval of a profile with a heart. Otherwise, you can click the X or the curvy line that says you haven't made your decision yet.
  • "Kibitz Corner" is where you'll be given questions each day. These responses can then be compared to the responses of other users.
  • "JDate Events" help you to find in-person occasions to mingle, and possibly more, with members in your community.
  • "JLife" is the site's online publication and can really be useful if you want to get as much possible insight into the Jewish dating life with lots of great guidance. You can also read heartwarming stories about Jewish couples who found wedded bliss by using JDate.


  • 240,000 members (from United States)
  • 180,000 people online each week
  • 57% male : 43% female
  • Members focused on serious relationships
  • 100,000 new visitors each month

JDate doesn't necessarily have the most significant user base as far as dating sites are concerned. This isn't too surprising, given how it's a fairly niche site concept.

Many Jewish singles can be found on other, more general sites. However, this site is great for signing up if you consider your Jewish identity to be especially important and want a significant other who feels the same.

There are quite a few American JDate users, a little under half a million. Per week and month, there are about 180,000 visitors.

There are a good deal more men than women on the site. However, the most significant age demographic is women ages 35 to 49.

JDate's selection might be somewhat slim if you live in a smaller community. However, if there's a decent Jewish population where you live, it begs to reason that you should be able to find some people through this site.

If you're moving to a new city, you might browse JDate to see how the selection is there.

Sign Up (Get JDate Free Trial)

  • 10 minute signup process
  • Add your best photos
  • Required to fill out personal facts section
  • Admin must approve of profile photos
  • Get more matches with a detailed profile

JDate has a pretty simple sign-up process, which doesn't cost you anything initially. If you know how to register an account and know what information to include, it shouldn't take you any longer than ten minutes. 

However, you still need to make sure that your profile is designed with the proper amount of consideration.

You'll be asked some standard questions that help show who you are. There'll also be ones that go a bit more in-depth about your background. It's best to answer these as much as possible because that will help you to receive more matches.

Another essential thing to consider is photos. An administrator must first accept your profile photo.

You should also include as many photos as you can, as that can help increase your odds of other users checking out your profile. 

You should try to add pictures that emphasize your Jewish identity as well as your personal interests.


  • No cost to look at profiles and photos
  • Able to see user's most recent online status
  • More pictures and profile information means that you get noticed more
  • Different search filters for finding matches
  • Members suspended for fake accounts

Since JDate is a Jewish dating website that is smaller than more traditional sites, it can feel a lot more personal. Another aspect that helps is how well the admins sniff out phony profiles. 

If a user is found to be running a fake account, they'll be swiftly suspended. You can also do the site a great favor by pointing out any profiles that strike you as inauthentic.

It's also great how much information can be found on profiles. While some dating sites will have little to no information in most user profiles, the people who use JDate really do their best to make sure they can adequately illustrate who they are.

As you browse other profiles, take notes about what's appealing about certain ones.

With the free search option, you can more easily find a good match. The filters you can include are how old a user is, their gender, and where they live.

With some effort, patience, and good luck, you can find the profile of someone who makes you swoon.

Making Contact

  • Need premium account for writing messages
  • Free search filters available for finding matches
  • No charge for exchanging "likes"
  • Chatroom for paid members
  • Who you "like" can be saved to view later

Unless you have a paid membership, your ability to communicate on JDate is going to be pretty limited. As a basic user, you can browse users with the search feature.

However, if you want to send messages, you'll have to get a premium account. All users can "like" profiles that they find compelling.

Paid users have two options for communicating on JDate. They can talk via email or use the chatroom. The chatroom is a good place for talking in a more casual setting. 

However, you still need to make sure to be respectful. You might be able to find someone who you hit it off with in the chatroom.

Like many dating sites, you need to get a paid membership to have the most satisfaction with JDate.

When you sign up with a standard account, you can explore the site and determine if there's enough to make you want to get a full account. Factors such as the number of users in your area can definitely influence your decision.

JDate Costs & Pricing

There's far more available for paid users of JDate compared to free ones, so if you intend to use this site to find someone, you'll need to purchase a subscription.

However, it can be a bit harder to figure out how long of a subscription you should get. Based on your situation, being on the site shorter or longer can suit you best.

If you sign up for a month, your membership will be $59.99 for that period. But if you join for three months, that will be reduced to $44.99 per month. 

This goes down even further with a six-month membership, which works out to $29.99 per month.

The price of JDate is a bit larger than other dating sites, but the features make it worthwhile for people who want to find a Jewish partner.

With a paid account, you can also enjoy things like having your profile spotlighted. JDate could be one of the best uses of your money you've ever made.

Pros and Cons


  • No cost to make profile
  • Lots of active users to choose from
  • Diverse membership 
  • Great app
  • High rate of success
  • Various ways to message
  • More than half of married Jewish couples met here
  • Great customer support


  • Some non-Jewish members
  • Message and see profile viewers only with paid account
  • Slightly higher membership costs

The Bottom Line:

Generalized dating sites are great for some people, but when you're a Jewish single, it's totally understandable that you'd want to join a site that hones in on who you are. 

Being Jewish isn't the only thing about you, of course. However, it's still an essential part of who you are and a site that appeals to that should be a priority.

JDate has made an excellent case for itself as the initial, and perhaps final, stop of any Jewish single who is dating. The site doesn't do anything out of the ordinary.

It merely provides users with a place where they can feel safe, all the way down to the thorough profile checking.

You could find your significant other thanks to using JDate or even someone who you have a platonic connection. 

Jewish people have a proud history of community and persistence. With JDate, you can show just how great your Jewish pride is.

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