One Night Friend Review

UPDATE: Due to numerous complaints we have received about One Night Friend, we no longer have the good faith in recommending this hookup website.

Some of the reasons include: lack of customer service, unexpected billing charges, fake profiles, inactive members, and more. 

Here are two better alternative hookup sites you can check out: 

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  • Focus on Casual Hookups
  • Easy Sign Up
  • Secretive and Secure
  • 80 Million Members
  • Active User Base
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All kinds of romantic appetites can be satisfied when using dating sites. However, you need to make sure you know where to look. If you're tired of all the dating sites seeming like they're about long-term relationships, you should take a look at OneNightFriend. This is a fantastic site for anyone wanting to start something that isn't serious.

Because I've been a proponent of casual relationships for so long, I've had to clear up so many misconceptions. Among these is that I'm opening myself up for disrespect or that I have no self-worth by wanting non-committal relations.

OneNightFriend was just what I've needed to fulfill my appetite for consensual hookups and one night fun. This site is designed for people to want to get something wild out of their system, want to fulfill fantasies or desires, or simply just want the thrill of interacting with others with a strong sexual appetite.

Whether you're an open and proud casual dater or more inexperienced on the matter, OneNightFriend is welcoming. You should read ahead so you know all the essentials about this site, whether it's right for you or not. But overall, with a OneNightFriend account, you might just feel like you've finally met your kind of people. 

Key Features

  • "Wink" allows you to let a member know that they've got your attention.
  • "Like Gallery" is a feature that lets you cross out members who don't excite you and heart ones who do
  • "FlirtCast" is a feature that lets you duplicate the Like Gallery feature for other members who do and don't excite you


  •  1 million members (from United States)
  •  19,600 people online per day
  •  60% male : 40% female
  •  25-34 is the biggest age group among members
  •  Many users worldwide
  •  High activity among active users

OneNightFriend has a fairly large user base, with more than 500,000 American members. However, the ratio of men to women is pretty large, with about 60% of the users being male. 

If you're a man hoping to meet a woman, you might have to figure out your smoothest possible pick-up line.

Age demographics are an exciting part of
OneNightFriend. There are a huge number of people in their late 20s to early 30s. You might find people who are using this site as a rebound after a long-term relationship end.

You'll also find that the number of people going on the site every day is relatively low. This could be because people are
making an account, finding someone to hook up with, and then possibly not returning for weeks or months, if at all. 

You may find that OneNightFriend serves you well as a constant user or just an occasional one.

  •  Fast signup process (3-5 min)
  •  Ability to specify what type of person you're looking for
  •  Verification of email required
  •  Basic information to signup

Keeping it casual is the name of the game on OneNightFriend, and this includes signing up. Joining the site doesn't take much time at all. It only requires you throwing down some very typical information, such as your age and where you live.

When you're all ready, you'll need to verify your email address. The biggest advantage of this is that you'll become a "verified member," which can make it easier to communicate with other users.

However, if you want to take in all of OneNightFriend's features, you'll need to have a paid account.More paid features will be discussed below, but you should know that these can be offered at a lower rate depending on how you sign up. 

You would have to be very shrewd to figure out how to have a satisfying experience with OneNightFriend without a paid account. Thankfully, the features are definitely worth the price.


  • Members are allowed to put have customized messages on their profile
  • Members last actions are shown in profile
  • Ability to post media
  • Profile photos and info can be added or changed later
  • Very detailed and informative profiles

On OneNightFriend, you can go very in-depth about yourself or be very brief. If you need everyone to know what your weight is and how much you earn, that's totally cool.

However, if you prefer to let your pictures speak for yourself or to retain at least some sort of mysterious, your profile can reflect this.

Similar to Facebook, OneNightFriend lets you post statuses
. However, you need to follow the rules of posting messages, such as not writing anything that could disturb others or making any references to illegal activities. Your statuses also shouldn't be contradictory to information shared in your profile.

It would be hypocritical if you wanted to learn certain things about another user but weren't willing to share it for yourself.

That's why OneNightFriend hides any information on users' pages that you haven't disclosed. Additionally, if you come across any possibly fake profiles, you can report them.

Making Contact

  • Live chat and messaging are for paying members
  • No charge for browsing basic profiles
  • SMS Chatroom 
  • Safe Mode helps to keep you protected

The good news about having a paid account on OneNightFriend is that you can message people even if they only have a free account. 

However, the conversation won't go anywhere since only paid members can respond. On the other hand, knowing that you're interested might encourage these users to get a paid account.

You can also do things to help you stay protected. There are two levels of Safe Mode. The basic version gives users the opportunity to contact you.

However, you have to undo the Safe Mode in order to respond. Then, there's the "Full Mode," which restricts messaging you to those with verified accounts.

An add-on for users wishing to communicate is SMS Chat. This is separate from the premium account. You also need to make sure to know when the next billing cycle is done, as renewal of this service is done automatically. The chemistry between members can really grow through these features.

One Night Friend Costs & Pricing

A few nice things are available for free users on OneNightFriend, such as the Like "Gallery." However, a paid account really unleashes all of the greatness about the site. It's also not very hard to figure out how to kick your membership up a notch, as the option is prominently displayed.

However, you might decide to take your time before signing up for a paid membership, as it's often offered at lower rates. Looking out for these reduced prices can make it a lot easier to afford. If you aren't fully ready to commit to a paid account, you can get a three-day trial for $1.41 per day.

Membership costs can also be smaller when you get a longer subscription. It costs $19.29 for one month, but it's $32.45 for three months and $52.45 per for six months. This is extremely affordable relative to higher cost dating sites. 

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of members from different countries
  • 5 minutes to signup
  • Many ways to show you're interested in someone
  • Free to browse basic profiles
  • Like minded individuals with "hookup" mindsets
  • Very affordable monthly membership.


  • SMS chat and messaging only for paying members
  • Narrowing down users can take time

The Bottom Line:

OneNightFriend is a site that can make you very happy if you know how to use it. This site meets a specific need but does it in different ways.

It might not seem like the most wholesome site, but there's something to appreciate about a site that lets users feel like they can be themselves without being shamed.

Anyone who wants to have casual dates without feeling self-conscious should sign up for OneNightFriend. It's even better if they sign up for a paid membership, as that will give them much more access to things like messaging.

The costs for these accounts aren't too bad, especially not if you sing up for a three or six-month-long membership.

Go journey onto OneNightFriend right now. Whether through your desktop computer or smartphone, you can make an account with ease. 

OneNightFriend deserves to be considered as one of the very best casual dating sites.

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