UPDATE: Due to numerous complaints we have received about Passion, we no longer have the good faith in recommending this hookup website.

Some of the reasons include: unhelpful customer service, unexpected membership charges, many fake profiles, inactive users, and more. 

Here are two alternative hookup sites of higher quality that you can check out: 

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  • 80 Million Members
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Passion is the secret ingredient that solidifies an attraction and makes it burn to the most intense degree. This is especially important if you're using a site like Rather than be about creating long-term relationships or marriages, Passion is about the here and now. It's for when you want to bring someone home.

The experiences that I've had on have made me feel like the star of my own erotic film. I must say that I'm a normal person, but I definitely know what I want from my love life. I seek to be aroused and to arouse all the same. lets me engage my fantasies with people who are also looking to feel the heat of pure lust.

I've also stuck with Passion due to how much I admire the communication access, including conversing through webcam. I'm able to get to know others, which can make it even more exciting to meet and have passion-fueled nights with other users eventually.

To help you better understand how the site works, this article will navigate you through the different aspects of the site. We aim to bring you an unbiased view. This will let you know if is a site that can truly deliver what you are desiring.

Key Features

  • "MyStuff" lets you know what sort of actions you've been taking on the site recently. If there was a member you liked but forgot their name, you can visit your stuff to find their profile easily.
  • "Webcam" let's you see someone of interest in an erotic environment before you ever meet. This let's you test you chemistry level with another member and further the chat from there.
  • "Kink Search" get insight into other members kinky fetishes and desires with this search feature. 
  • "Passion Guarantee" gives Gold users of three months who haven't found someone another three months at no charge.


  •  36 million members (from United States)
  •  60,000 people online per day
  •  20% male : 80% female
  •  Members focused on casual fun, hookups, erotic encounters, sex
  •  Members from USA, UK, Canada, France, Thailand
  •  High activity among users

There's no sense in a site like being close-minded. Indeed, you'll find that the users on this site are very bold about what they like.

Anyone who calls themselves a "conservative" when it comes to romance probably won't have a very good time on

However, that doesn't mean that the users on this site are amoral or uncaring. It's one of the more inclusive dating sites, as it has options for people who are interested in same-sex dating or dating transgender people.

Some accounts are made by couples looking to explore some unconventional methods with others, such as swinging and polyamory.

If you're looking for women, you're on the right site. More than three-quarters of users are female.

You'll also see that users tend to be very active on the site. Different countries are well-represented on this site, including the United States, France, Canada, and even Thailand.

  • Fast signup process (3-5 min)
  • Can't sign up through Facebook
  • For adults 18 or older
  • Verification of email required

Not much thinking has to go into joining, as the site makes it very easy for you to get your account set up. You'll need to do it via email, and you'll need to confirm your profile by checking your email.

When you're making your account, you'll need to say what your gender is and what sort of person you're looking for.

There's no limit on how many different types of people you can say you're desiring. You also have to put down how old you are and where you love.

There could be someone who is an ideal pairing for you a few miles down the road, if not closer. Other background information can be filled in, but this is not required.

What is required is writing some stuff about yourself. It doesn't need to be autobiography lengths, but it does need to have some character to it.

You might use these opportunities to tell some jokes that give some insight into your personality or to just present some need-to-know information for anyone who wants to talk to you.


  • Live chat and webcam for paying members
  • Need to pay to see full member profiles
  • "What's Hot" area for best profiles
  • No moderation of profile photos. Adult images permitted

Unless you're paying for a membership, you won't be able to see profiles on You can get a summary of a user, but you'll need to take out your credit card for full access.

Additionally, you should be wary of inauthentic accounts, as there have been numerous reports of them. These are often obvious, as they bombard users with messages.

To be reached by the right, real people, you need to make sure your default photo is you at your best-looking. Don't try to photoshop it so that it seems like you're trying to cover up all your flaws.

If you have any professional-quality photos or ones that show you in formal wear, choose one from those piles.

With any luck, you might end up being part of the "What's Hot" section of This is the part of the site reserved from the cream of the crop among its users. You should be doing your best to make it to this group.

Making Contact

  • Live chat and webcam for paying members
  • Need to upgrade to get all message features
  • Chatroom 
  • Virtual Gifts cares about giving their open-minded users a place to connect. You will get the most use out of this site if you have a paid account, as this will give you the chance to do things like sending instant messages. You can also communicate with more members by using the chatroom.

If you look for ways to express yourself and your thoughts, there's an outstanding blogging feature on

When you find someone who intrigues you in all the right ways, you can declare your infatuation by sending virtual gifts to users. Before you meet up with someone, you can talk to them via webcam. Your flirty nature can come out here.

You can do a few things to explore other users on when you have a free account. However, your prospects are much better if you get a paid account.

You can also send a positive message to your matches this way, as you can show that you're no cheapskate. Costs & Pricing

Much more can be done with a paid account on You'll be able to reach out to other users by webcam and text and also be able to send media.

You can also show your delight in them through "Flirting." The costs per month of a paid membership are a bit steep, but your investment will be satisfying if you really put the focus on finding people.

As a free user, you can look around the site and see if the other users appeal to you based on their summaries. 

Once you've decided to get a Gold Membership, you can do so for one month, three months, or six months. The best choice might be signing up for three months, as this is the lowest cost per month for any plan.

When your membership is ending, it will instantly renew and charge your card again. However, if you don't want this to happen, you can opt to shut this off.

You should also make sure that your credit card is currently valid to prevent any billing problems.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of members from different countries
  • 5 minutes to signup
  • Many ways to show you're interested in someone
  • Free to signup
  • 4 women for every 1 man. 
  • Affordable monthly membership options


  • Live chat and webcam only for paying members
  • Narrowing down users can take time

The Bottom Line: lets you bring some spark back into your dating life. You'll be able to bypass a bunch of bland profiles from wishy-washy individuals. Even if you aren't attracted to everyone on this site, you should be attracted to the energy they give off.

When you make an account, you should
sign up for a Gold Membership very soon. You might just get a one-month membership at first and expand it to three or six months if you find that this is your place. "Passion Guarantee" also makes for a good incentive to stick with the site.

If you know what you want but aren't sure how to get it, acts as a very good solution. Make an account tonight and see what sort of salacious sorts are in your area. With a little luck, you'll be in for an unforgettable evening with an incredible person and many more to come.

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