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Aging isn't a choice, but accepting it definitely is. If you want to live your best life, you need to see that some gray hair and wrinkles shouldn't be enough to keep you from loving yourself and embracing the opportunities that are around you. This is especially important if you're an older person looking to start a relationship.

I would never call myself "old," but a few years ago, when I started getting senior discounts, I realized that I was in a significant new era of my life.

I had been widowed for some time, and while I knew my husband would want me to find someone, I didn't know where to start. A few searches for online dating sites led me to SilverSingles.

Right away, SilverSingles made me feel like I was the belle of the ball. There were so many other great older users who had similar experiences and hopes to me. 

I also much appreciated how smart they were, with many of the people I talked to possessing a college degree.

For anyone who believes that online dating is only for the younger people, I'm here to tell you that you're really only as young as you feel.

SilverSingles has restored my passion and given me a reason to believe in love again. With this list, I'll show you just how great this site is.

Key Feature

  • "Personality Test" is an in-depth and very detailed personality test to effectively optimize members matchmaking process. Other users that are determined compatible with your test answers are matched with you sooner rather than later.


  • 100,000 members (from United States)
  • 5,000 people online a day
  • 55% female : 45% male
  • Members are primarily 50 years and over
  • Members focused on serious relationships
  • Users in over 20 different countries
  • High activity among users
  • Majority of members are college graduates

If you're single, 50 or older, and are looking for a serious companion, then SilverSingles has a place for you. While there are people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, you're not going to find them as easily. 

You might come across a younger user who fancies being with someone a bit more mature than people in their age group.

SilverSingles is also unique in that many of the users have already been married before. Some of these unions have ended due to divorce, others due to death.

If you're looking to re-enter the dating scene, SilverSingles can provide you with an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance. You should do your best to be open without exposing any sensitive information to strangers.

As one gets older, they gain a better sense of knowing what they want out of a relationship. Therefore, with SilverSingles, you can avoid people who play games with you or give you vague responses.

Although there's not a massive number of users on this site, the overall maturity can be felt.

Sign Up (Silver Singles Free Trial)

  • Sign up takes about 30 minutes
  • Include your best profile photo
  • Must complete personality survey
  • No fee to sign up
  • Have to use desktop site to register

Joining SilverSingles is easy, but you still need to allot a good deal of time. At most, it should take 30 minutes, but that could be longer if you're not experienced with using computers. You might consider asking a younger friend or relative to help you with signing up.

Much of your time signing up will be spent filling out the personality survey. You'll be responding to 100-plus questions that delve into who you are at the core.

There are multiple options for each question, so you don't have to worry about too much polarity with your responses.

When these questions are answered, you'll need to post a picture. Then, you'll do an open-response to seven additional questions. Joining SilverSingles can take some time, but it can be really fun and rewarding for how much thought you get to put in.


  • Ability to add and edit photos
  • No cost to look at profiles
  • Premium access required to see profile photos
  • Very detailed and informative profiles
  • Preview feature shows someone's location and their job
  • Full profiles available to all users

SilverSingles profiles are among the most informative of any dating site. You can see a user's profile regardless of if you have a premium account or not. 

However, viewing photos, including profile ones, is a privilege reserved for those with a paid membership.

You can see the answers given to the seven open-response questions on a user's profile. This might be the most essential part of the entire profile, as it's where users can share themselves.

When you fill out these questions, you need to personable and authentic to yourself. They let you break the ice with anyone who could visit your page.

When you first sign up, you might include information and photos that you later wish you hadn't. Luckily,
SilverSingles lets you efficiently fix these mistakes but allowing for easy profile updating, including changing pictures. 

Updating your profile regularly can help show users that you're not stuck in your ways.

Making Contact

  • Instant messaging for premium users
  • Lots of search filters available for finding matches
  • No charge to send "Smiles"
  • "Favoriting" feature
  • Compatibility-focused matches

Once your profile is complete, with all the questions answered, SilverSingles can start giving you matches. When you browse the site, you'll see users the site believes you'd get along with. 

However, you're not restricted to these suggestions, as the search feature gives you lots of freedom.

Whatever you want from a match, the SilverSingles search option will help you to find it. Should you want to find someone who is of a certain height that lives close to you, you can seek them out.

When you find someone you like, you can add them to your "Favorites" or send a "Smile" to them.

However, if you want to send messages to someone, you need to be a premium user. This includes an instant messaging feature.

Based on the strength of the SilverSingles matching system, the odds are excellent of you matching with someone who you want to trade messages and perhaps takes things further by planning an outing or date.

SilverSingles Costs & Pricing

Starting with a free account on Silver Singles is available to you, as you can see if the website has enough people in your area and enough positive features to keep you coming back. 

Once you've found suitable matches and have maybe sent a few "Smiles," you can decide on which premium account you want.

There are three premium accounts to choose from: Light, Classic, and Comfort. The cost-per-month goes down based on how long your membership is. 

Having a premium account also lets you use the mobile app, in case you prefer to use your smartphone over a traditional computer or laptop.

You don't need to rush into any decision with dating, even signing up for a premium account on SilverSingles. However, the choice to sign up for a premium account is likely advantageous if you're serious about making good use out of this site.

After all, it's hard to make plans with someone if you're unable to send them messages.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong matching system
  • Very user friendly
  • Daily matches
  • Many ways to show you're interested in someone
  • High rate of success
  • Strong customer support


  • Hard to get in touch as a free user
  • Must have premium account to see photos

The Bottom Line:

There are some aspects of SilverSingles that keep it from being as great as it could be. One of the biggest is how there aren't as many users relative to massive dating sites like Match.

This could be that older singles haven't been made aware of it or that they prefer using the more significant, more well-known sites.

SilverSingles is a great fit for certain people looking for more intimate dating, and the more people join, the more positive word-of-mouth can be spread. 

If you're an older person, who wants to build a strong bond with someone, try SilverSingles first. You could be a catalyst for helping this site grow in popularity and helping other older folks find love.

Thanks to a reliable matching system and easy navigation,
SilverSingles gives you lots of reasons to be excited about joining. 

The profiles also contain lots of useful details that help you gauge what different users are like. You'll want to make sure to live up to the strong standards set by the best SilverSingles users with your profile.

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