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Not every girl you ask out is going to reciprocate your interest. However, if you seem to be stuck in a pattern of “no thank you's”, you need to do something different.

Sure, you’ve got plenty of positive qualities that could make a girl very happy.

However, you also need to showcase at least some level of confidence that makes her think that she can trust you from the start. 

That’s what “The Tao of Badass” is all about.

It teaches guys all about becoming confident in a way that provides maximum attraction.

You don’t have to act like someone you’re not, because that will eventually be exposed. 

It just shows you how to work with what you have and become the most attractive version of yourself.


“The Tao of Badass” is made for people like you, who might not be superstar athletes or movie-star handsome, but who nonetheless have a lot to offer.

It’s an eBook that provides a crash-course in becoming suaver and more discriminating in your decisions.

While it’s totally possible for someone with low confidence to get a girlfriend, their insecurities mean that things are eventually going to turn sour.

Afterall, if you don’t believe in yourself, how are girls going to believe in you?

You might imagine a book like this will require you to dress and act completely differently.

But what’s attractive to many women is being yourself. You can stop hiding behind an idea of what you should be like and really embrace your quirks and interests.

There’s nothing more badass than someone who knows who he is and relishes it.

This book is also about showing respect to women. While it teaches you how to increase their attraction to you, it doesn’t do it in a way that manipulates them.

You can use “The Tao of Badass” to create a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship.

About The Author

“The Tao of Badass” was created by Josh Pellicer. He’s a constant presence in media, promoting his knowledge on various dating topics.

He’s earned a lot of trust because of how relatable he is. When you hear Pellicer speak and read his words, you know that he knows what it’s like to be you.

He’s very self-reflective, and he doesn’t act in a way that suggests he thinks he’s better than you.

He was able to see that his efforts in trying to find a partner weren’t exactly the right ones, but he doesn’t keep his revelations to himself. He also doesn’t offer rushed solutions.

His work took time to perfect, because at first he didn’t know what would work best.

When you’re reading “The Tao of Badass,” you’ll know that it’s been written with intention and purpose.

What’s In It For You?

Covering lots of ground in the dating and courtship games, “The Tao of Badass,” creates a self that can best attract women.

While it might not be able to cover every single issue involving men and dating, you can count on it coming pretty close.

It also makes things worthwhile for women, because it teaches you how to relate to them in ways you might’ve never previously considered.

Lots of the book is rooted in psychology, specifically with how it relates to women.

You can learn how women think and how you can work with this for better communication, as well as how to create mutual understanding.

Just because you’re coming from different places doesn’t mean you can’t come to the same conclusion.

Getting continuously rejected can feel like a wound that won’t heal, but you don’t need to keep putting yourself through pain.

The Tao of Badass” shows you how you can create a self that women respond to. 

Forget everything about how you have been and work on figuring out what you can become.

What Will You Be Learning?

A place that men get stuck is that first conversation. If you can’t figure out what to say at the start, you’re not going to inspire a lot of confidence in a woman.

Pellicer offers lots of advice about how to make things start smoothly. You can make it feel like you’re an old friend or someone that has a million things to talk about with.

Besides knowing what to say, you should also know how to feel confident when coming up to a woman.

While some anxiety is good, too much can put you in a bad state of mind. “The Tao of Badass” teaches about feeling your best when this is happening.

You can also find how to better understanding the non-verbal cues women exhibit.

Primary Intentions

The short review of “The Tao of Badass” is that it tells you about how to become desirable to women. 

When it talks about being a badass, it doesn’t mean that you’ll become some kind of arrogant man who picks a fight wherever he sees an opportunity.

It means you’ll be a winning individual that people want to be around and who love getting to know. 

That’s what all people should strive for, regardless of if they’re looking to start a relationship.

Some guys can wear their shyness like a badge of honor.

They might think that it makes them more “mysterious,” and that guys who have the courage to actually go up to women are just “douchebags.”

You can call them whatever you like, but you can’t get mad when things don’t go your way with your current methods.

What Else Is Included?

A More Confident, Better You

You’ve probably met at least a couple of men who are in relationships with women who are way out of their league, attractiveness-wise. Does the man have a huge net worth that won the woman’s heart? 

Probably not. It’s their confidence that made them so attractive. “The Tao of Badass” teaches all about becoming confident in a way that makes you happy to meet people, because it means you get to introduce them to the wonder that is you.

Seduction Methods

You can hit it off with someone with them necessarily being attracted to you. This is hard to deal with, but it’s definitely important to understand because you need to know how you can steer things your way.

There’s a part of the eBook that tells you about how to get things started off right, including approaching a woman, as well as how to turn intrigue into arousal. You could get their heart pumping and have them eager to get your number after only a few minutes of talking.

Body Language Comprehension

Women say a lot without actually saying anything, at least not verbally. Sometimes, body language is obvious, as someone with their arms resting by their sides is more approachable than someone who has their arms folded up by their chest.

However, there are times when the signal is a lot more muffled. “The Tao of Badass” helps you with getting through these barriers.

You’ll better understand how women think and how it extends to their body language. Through regular observation, you can start to grasp their way of “speaking” to you even better than they can. It all starts with putting yourself in their mind.

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Pros and Cons


  • Excellent training on the psychology of women and what they look for in a guy
  • Gain an overall boost in confidence and self esteem that translates into every aspect of your life.
  • Includes videos, an ebook, audio, and chat conversion to really cover all methods of learning
  • An affordable program with a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Excellent for guys with zero or some experience with women 


  • The ebook is 150 pages which is a bit lengthy
  • There is not tailored advice to your specific situation. 
  • Not ideal for guys who are already doing ok with women

The Bottom Line:

“The Tao of Badass” will help you if you’re willing to be helped. It’s most important to have the right idea of where to start with talking to a woman.

This eBook will get you and your conversations going where they should be. You just need to take all of the tips to heart.

You’ll start getting excited about finding women, and you won’t be settling for meager returns either. When women see how confident you are, they’ll start to see you in a new way.

If you’ve been out of dating for a while, you can get help from “The Tao of Badass.” There might’ve been things about dating that you have changed in ways you didn’t realize.

If you want to attract younger women, you can find out how to not let your age be an issue. You can click the "Watch Intro Video Here" button below to access the free program overview video. Good luck!