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20 - 45

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2-3 Minutes

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5.0 / 5.0

A harsh truth of online dating, as well as dating in general, is that there are no easy answers or perfect solutions.

I used to chastise myself for not being able to achieve the results I felt I was supposed to have.

It didn't help that every site seemed to try to convince me it would be a guaranteed path to romantic bliss.

Ukraine Date is a dating site, largely for men interested in Eastern European women.

But it's also a site that possesses levels of honesty that are far too rare.

With this guide, I'll tell you all you need to know about Ukraine Date so you can decide if it's right for you.

Key Features

  • "Message Filter" let's you filter messages from people you don't want to speak to and focus on the ones you are feel a connection with.
  • "Cupid Tag" let's you apply "tags" to your profile so that other members can find you based on the specific keywords you put. Think about words that describe your personality, hobbies, appearance, and desires.


  • 130,000 members (from United States)
  • 10,000 accounts made per month
  • 70% male : 30% female
  • Members focused on relationships
  • Many Eastern European nations represented
  • High activity among users

The membership statistics on Ukraine Date are pretty interesting. 

While there are many users from Ukraine, there are also quite a few from Germany, Turkey, and The United States.

It's not always that you hear of a site with such a cross-continental impact.

A large majority of the users are men, many of whom are in their 30s to early 40s. 

If you're in either or both of these demographics, know that you might be in some competition with other users.

You'll want to do your best to show how you stand out from your romantic competition.

  • Fast signup process (1-2 min)
  • Can sign up through Facebook
  • Verification of email NOT required

If your go-to excuse for not joining a dating site is that it'll be time-consuming, you'll love to hear about Ukraine Date.

It only takes one, maybe two minutes to join. They also let you use Facebook. While you can use your email, there's no requirement to verify it.

All the standard methods of joining a website are in place on Ukraine Date. You'll put in your name, password, where you live, gender, and how old you are.

The first people the site shows you are ones they figure you'd like, but you can fine-tune your specifications for more accurate results.


  • Members are allowed to put have customized messages on their profile
  • Women's profile photos are of model quality
  • No cost to look at profiles
  • Profile photos and info can be added or changed later
  • Very detailed and informative profiles

Don't be reluctant to share about yourself when you make your Ukraine Date profile.

It's in your favor to make yourself look as spectacular as you can. This is your story to tell, and you should know how to be an author.

Find a photo that best represents yourself. Don't just pull out your smartphone and snap a quick selfie.

If you need to take some extra time to prepare, such as finding the right outfit and grooming yourself, do it.

You may see a lot of accounts with minimal information. This can definitely be annoying, but you shouldn't be discouraged from giving your profile zest.

Making Contact

  • Filter messages from users you aren't interested in
  • No charge for searching and looking at profiles
  • Live chat with other members 

Contacting members is one of the trickiest parts of using a dating site, but if you care about making a good impression, it can show how caring you are.

Ukraine Date has some cool contacting features. For instance, the Instant Messenger lets you hear and/or see another user.

If you feel like someone is your type but don't know what to say, you can like them or "send interest." These can help to take a lot of pressure off you.

However, if you have an ideal thing to say to someone right away, don't sit on it or hide behind other features.

You could never well make their heart flutter, just like their profile did for you.

Ukraine Date Costs & Pricing

It's pretty pleasant to be a free user on Ukraine Date.

You can get your account underway and even message with paid users. But with an actual premium membership, you can do all that and more. 

Some of the best things paid members can do is message all kinds of users, avoid ads, getting better search functions, and utilize translation.

There's Platinum and Gold Membership. Premium is more expensive, but the prices of both are very reasonable. 

Weigh your options and your finances before deciding which type of account you sign up for.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of female members from different Eastern European countries
  • 2 minutes to signup
  • Many ways to show you're interested in someone
  • Free to browse profiles
  • Cupid Tag feature
  • Affordable monthly membership.


  • Sending messages is only for paying members
  • Narrowing down users can take time

The Bottom Line:

Eastern Europe doesn't have to seem like some kind of mysterious, unknowable place. It's full of beautiful people just like you looking for love.

While this site isn't for everyone, there have been tens of thousands of success stories because of UkraineDate. 

We recommend to at least sign up for a free account and browse some user profiles. There's no risk in making a free account, and who knows, maybe this is the last dating site you ever use.