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20 - 45

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2-3 Minutes

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5.0 / 5.0

Spend enough time as an online dater, and you can feel like your time is being sucked into a vortex, along with your self-esteem.

In theory, it should be a way for you to find the perfect companion. However, it often turns into a mess of rudeness and disinterest.

That's not to disparage the entire experience or all sites. I've found a lot of good through using VietnamCupid, a website to meet beautiful Vietnamese women.

In this guide, I'm going to give you the lowdown on this dating site to see if it's a good fit for your needs.

Key Features

  • "Message Filter" let's you filter messages from people you don't want to speak to and focus on the ones you are feel a connection with.
  • "Cupid Tag" let's you apply "tags" to your profile so that other members can find you based on the specific keywords you put. Think about words that describe your personality, hobbies, appearance, and desires.


  • 300,000 members (from United States)
  • 90,000 users on each week
  • 60% male : 40% female
  • Members focused on relationships
  • Many Asian nations represented besides Vietnam
  • High activity among users

The 900,000-person strong membership of VietnamCupid is even more notable when you consider that many of the users don't hail from Vietnam.

Around 300,000 are from the United States.

Men comprise the most significant gender demographic on the site, at 60 percent. Many of these are white guys looking for Vietnamese women.

Age-wise, men on VietnamCupid are usually older. You're likely to find plenty of men in their 40s, as well as a few in their 50s and beyond.

As long as you don't mind the age and cultural gaps, VietnamCupid can be a great site.

  • Fast signup process (1-2 min)
  • Can sign up through Facebook
  • Verification of email NOT required

Money and time are two of the biggest hindrances to joining dating sites. Fortunately, VietnamCupid has you covered in both regards.

First, it doesn't cost anything to join. Secondly, your account can be made in only a minute or two.

You can join with your email or Facebook account. Your email account isn't confirmed, which might be a concern if you're worried about user authenticity. 

There's also no cross-posting between your VietnamCupid and Facebook profiles.

You can see how relaxed and practical the site is. These are aspects that are great and not so great. But overall this site is a great place to connect with new people.


  • Members are allowed to put have customized messages on their profile
  • Women's profile photos are of model quality
  • No cost to look at profiles
  • Profile photos and info can be added or changed later
  • Very detailed and informative profiles

VietnamCupid does an exhaustive job of giving you information about users. This includes telling you if a user is active. If they're not online, you can see when they were last.

Your profile can show what your work, salary, and home situations are like.

Don't feel the need to embellish these, as anyone who truly values you is going to value honesty.

VietnamCupid also provides translation services. A member's fluency in English and Vietnam is displayed. These both help to provide even better communication.

Making Contact

  • Filter messages from users you aren't interested in
  • No charge for searching and looking at profiles
  • Live chat with other members 

Once your profile is made, you'll want to get to find others. If you've come to VietnamCupid without a clear idea of what you want, have no fear. 

You can use it for finding someone to hang out with, make out with, or just trade messages with.

The search options help. You can sort things based on looks and upbringing. This saves you from potentially getting with the wrong person, based on a good photo.

Messaging is available for both free and paid users. However, as a free user, you're only able to message with paid users.

To open more doors, you'll need to get a Gold or Platinum account.

Vietnam Cupid Costs & Pricing

The odds of finding someone on VietnamCupid with a free account aren't too bad.

You can make a profile, post a maximum of five photos, and message with some users. 

But no question having a Gold or Platinum account makes things far more satisfying.

In addition to the unguarded messaging, premium users get to use instant messaging and turn off ads.

It's even better for Platinum users. They're the only ones who can use translation with messaging or get access to some of the best search functions.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of woman members from different Asian countries
  • 2 minutes to signup
  • Many ways to show you're interested in someone
  • Free to browse profiles
  • Cupid Tag feature
  • Affordable monthly membership.


  • Sending messages is only for paying members
  • Narrowing down users can take time

The Bottom Line:

Outside of its significant Vietnamese user base, VietnamCupid might just seem like a lot of the other dating sites out there.

That's part of the point, as these sites all have good concepts and features. It's just that they don't reach specific audiences.

Whether your Vietnamese, Caucasian, or another demographic, VietnamCupid can work for you. It's first up to you put in the effort you need to have a good experience.

Get started on making a VietnamCupid account today. You can start off with a free one to see how you like the site.