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As a Catholic, you live by your faith in a number of ways. However, it can somehow feel as though your faith is being tested. This is especially true if you feel like you're perpetually single. I can definitely empathize, as I went through a period where no attempt at romance worked out.

That was until I found out about Catholic Match. To say this was a game changer for me would be an understatement. It was a life-changer. 

I was able to find others who shared my values as I'd never seen before. So many other dating sites either put no emphasis on faith or tried to match me with people who had a different idea of following the gospel.

Catholic Match is an absolutely great dating site. It has become the most-used Catholic dating website, and its staff does a great job of helping users feel comfortable. 

There are also great features, such as getting six months free if you don't someone after your first six months. This information will help you see if Catholic Match is right for you.

Key Features

  • "Temperament" is a temperament based quiz you take, which shows where you fall between sanguine, melancholic, choleric, and phlegmatic for your personality.
  • "Interview Questions" With these, you get to include a maximum of questions with multiple-choice answers. Essentially, these can be focused on what matters to you. If someone answers a question in a way that makes you automatically turned off, you can thank "Interview Questions" for providing so much help.
  • "Emotigrams" These are like emoticons you've certainly seen elsewhere. However, these can be used for a greater purpose on Catholic Match. If you're on the shy side, you can use an Emotiogram as a means of breaking the tension without worrying too much about saying the right thing. There are also lots of great Emotigrams to choose from.


  • 1,200,000 American members
  • 16,500 visits per day
  • 60% female : 40% male
  • 1,500,000 members globally
  • Members focused on serious relationships
  • High activity among users
  • fewer than 50% of male users between 40-60 years old don't accept the Church's teaching that premarital sex is wrong
  • higher than 50% of female users between 40-60 years old don't accept the Church's teaching that premarital sex is wrong

With a strong majority of 60 percent, women are the bigger user base on Catholic Match. If you're looking for a female companion, you should also be pleased to know that the women on Catholic Match tend to be very active. You might be able to get some conversations rolling sooner than you anticipated.

There are also forums that are full of discussion. These cover different topics, some of which are sensitive, such as divorce. However, this can feel like a safe space and help you become more comfortable with the online dating environment.

With one-million-and-half users around the world,
Catholic Match does a very good job of living up to the meaning of the word "catholic," which is "universal." 

You can find many other Catholics who are looking for the one. If you're able to show that your faith truly means something to you, Catholic Match could lead to some serious romantic results.

Catholic Match Sign Up (Get Free Trial)

  • Include location, date of birth, hobbies, and personal bio
  • Personal introduction feature that needs to be 150 characters minimum
  • You can make profile through site or Facebook
  • Can upload 6+ photos
  • Username is generated automatically

To sign up for Catholic Match, you do so via the site or through your Facebook account. While Facebook can speed things up, making your profile from scratch may help you be more thoughtful about the process. 

Regardless of how you sign up, you'll be required to answer quite a few questions. Lots of these pertain to religious matters.

You also need to choose a quality photo to represent you. This should be attractive but still appropriate. Anything that is able to show that you're Catholic and proud is a good bet. You might have fun photos of you from around Christmas that could really catch some attention.

You'll get a username, but you don't get to be very creative with it. You'll have your first name paired with your membership number. 

Don't let yourself feel too awkward about it, as everyone you come across or interact with on the site will have gone through the same thing.


  • Profile includes temperament questions
  • Profile information can be changed later
  • Seven yes/no faith-based questions
  • Questions for others to answer
  • Everyone has access to profile photos

The profiles on Catholic Match are like ones on other dating sites, but with a bit of a faith influence. This information can help you see how closely another user aligns with you when it comes to matters of devotion. 

You can also learn a bit about yourself, as Catholic Match tells you what your "temperament" is. This is done based on a quiz.

Choosing your photos is one of the most important things. You should have a good mix of ones of just you and ones where you're with family and friends.

A solo photo is a good pick for your profile photo, as you won't have anyone unsure about which one you are.

users on Catholic Match aren't looking for a fling. They want to connect with someone who is looking for something that will last. You need to be aware of this when making your profile to confirm that you're on the right

Making Contact

  • Free search filters available for finding matches
  • Questions and answers on profile
  • Messages can't be read for 10 days when you have a free account
  • Chatroom

You have to be a premium user in order to message other users. You're still able to show that you're interested as a free user, but that's only through sending "Emotigrams."

Additionally, if a premium user messages you and you only have a paid account, you can't read the message until 10 days later.

Given how quickly things can progress on dating sites, you should realize that sticking with a free account on Catholic Match can be pretty futile. You can show others what you're like by responding to questions posted on their profile.

You can also interact with users by using the chatroom. Catholic Match does a very good job of helping users make contact with each other. 

However, the difference between having a paid account and a free one is very apparent. You'll need to make your best judgment, but the choice is fairly obvious if you care about finding someone.

Catholic Match Costs & Pricing

If you're a free user, Catholic Match still gives you a pretty fair number of options. You can even send cool things called "Emotigrams" and include as many as 50 photos. However, if you really want something out of the experience, you'll sign up for a paid account.

Through premium access to Catholic Match, you can send messages and respond to them right away. You can also send customized Emotigrams. 

The chatroom is another great feature that you'll be able to use. This can help you get a good for the whole Catholic Match community.

If you think that these features sound great but aren't sure if you'll be able to afford them, know that membership is affordable. It's also more affordable if you sign up for a longer plan.

One month costs $29.95, three months costs $19.95 per month, and six months costs $12.49 per month. You also get six more months for free if you don't find someone.*

Pros and Cons


  • Six months free if you don't find someone after initial six months
  • Chat Forums
  • Polls and blogs
  • Interview Questions feature
  • Temperament feature


  • So-so site appearance
  • No mobile app

The Bottom Line:

People can have faith that they'll find the right person but still take the measures necessary in order to help make that happen.

Catholic Match lets you be proactive but also see that having your faith does and should matter. You can meet plenty of other Catholics and feel so much more joy through sharing your faith.

Catholic Match doesn't just try to lure Catholic singles in with an attractive name. It provides great features such as a chatroom and Emotigrams. 

However, the biggest attribute of the site are the users. People like you help to make Catholic Match such a great place to visit.

If you've become sick of dating sites that don't understand or willfully ignore what you need, you should 
get a Catholic Match account

People of faith have a right to dating site satisfaction. With Catholic Match, what started with creating an account can end with wedding bells.

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