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I've looked at so many dating sites, and while many of them seemed great for other people, they didn't match up with what I wanted. My hope had always been to find love with someone with the same values, both financially and relationship-wise.

It was likely my determination mixed with some good fortune that brought me to Millionaire Match. This site speaks its truth in its name, giving users a straightforward and even fun way to find a partner who views financial stability as a priority. The cream of the crop of online dating candidates seems to flock to Millionaire Match.

Nothing about using Millionaire Match is complicated, but the site still did a great job of making me feel special to be among its ranks. Something I really loved about using this site is it wasn't created for the typical sugar baby/sugar daddy arrangements.

Although some members don't mind this, a large portion of the members here want a genuine connection and companionship with someone who just so happens to value money as much as they do.

Although I'm not on the site anymore, being able to use Millionaire Match was a big blessing for my dating life. I was able to find love with someone who cares for me and matches my career-oriented, financially conscious values. 

Through this guide, I hope to show you why Millionaire Match is either the perfect site for you, or not for you at all. Here's my experience.

Key Features

  • "First Date Ideas" gives members the ability to share first date ideas and other paying users will be able to leave their comments on it. Try your best to be as creative as possible. Dinner and a movie can be nice, but surely there's something more interesting you can consider.
  • "Members Luxuries" is where you highlight the material goods that you cherish so much. Don't worry about feeling boastful. You should be proud of all your success and the ability to share it with others. Millionaire Match is for people with values as well as valuables.
  • "Member Forum" is an excellent environment for communicating with the other members of the site and getting clear answers to any inquiries.
  • "MillionaireMatch Blog" is a place you can submit your own blog posts to talk about whatever you think is important.


search for members in the millionaire match discover feature
  • 2,600,000 American members
  • 2,700 logins per day
  • 50% male : 50% female
  • More than 4 million members around the world
  • Certified millionaire groups
  • Gorgeous and professional users
  • High activity among users
  • Authenticity check for profiles

Millionaire Match isn't one of the most-frequented match sites, but it is considered one of the best millionaire dating websites because the membership clientele is highly desirable. Many people are impressed by how good-looking the candidates are. This further adds to the desirability of these users. 

Furthermore, you don't have to worry about any profiles being fraudulent. Millionaire Match diligently makes sure profiles are real with phone verifications and other authenticity checks.

The gender breakdown is another plus of Millionaire Match, as it's pretty even between men and women.

In the U.S., there are about 2.6 million members, which is increased to about 3.8 million when you factor in global users. There's also a Certified Millionaires group, which mainly features men.

However, female users definitely make the most of their Millionaire Match experience. These members often frequent the Forum and Blog area of the site.

On Millionaire Match, you can assemble with people who are confident and successful and who will help you feel the same.

Sign Up (Millionaire Match Free Trial)

the sign-up page for millionaire match dating site
  • Fast signup process (10 minutes)
  • Facebook registration available
  • Must include profile photo
  • Feature to help you build profile
  • Phone and email verification required

It's an easy and swift process to sign up for Millionaire Match, and you can get your initial account going without paying anything. 

There's also the ability to sign up via Facebook. Phone and email verification are required, as is having a profile picture.

All in all, it takes about 10 minutes to join Millionaire Match, which can be reduced further if you have experience with signing up with these sorts of sites.

The information you'll be prompted to include is very straightforward. Once this is completed, you can work on finding the right profile photo.

To complete your profile, you'll be writing some descriptive paragraphs to help other users see if you're a good match. You might consider drafting this before you start signing up. Do your best to speak from the heart and portray yourself as you really are.


  • Excellent authenticity check
  • All users can see profiles
  • All users can see member photos free
  • Photo verification badges available
  • Certified Millionaire badges available
  • Profiles are very detailed

Millionaire Match profiles are very well made and give you the information you most want to know. These profiles are broken down via four unique tabs.

These include, in order, general user facts and other details, such as looks, hobbies, and what different site users have said.

When you
look at Millionaire Match profiles, you won't have to be concerned with coming across an array of fake profiles. The site is operated by people who stress authenticity. 

Anyone who tries to pass off an inauthentic profile will swiftly find themselves banned from Millionaire Match.

To help gain user's trust in you and your profile, you can work to receive the verified badge. All you have to do is posting a piece of valid identification.

If you're a millionaire and want to provide proof, there's the ability to receive a Certified Millionaire verification badge. Millionaire Match takes many sound routes towards ensuring trust with its users.

Making Contact

  • Need premium account for sending messages
  • "Let's Meet" feature
  • Up to 50 winks per day allowed
  • Many search features
  • You can favorite profiles as you browse
  • Respond to received messages for free

Unlike other sites that restrict all forms of messaging to paid users, Millionaire Match at least allows you to reply to messages as a free user.

However, being able to send messages is a privilege for those with premium access. There are also several good ways to find users and show your interest in them.

With the "Let's Meet" feature, you'll be going through different users at once and seeing which are your cup of tea. There's also the ability to send "winks," to show that you like someone, after which you might add them to your favorites list.

Should there be specific things you want from a partner, you can use their excellent search function.

If you've got any questions about reaching out on Millionaire Match, you can make use of their blogs and forums for easy access to answers.

The community is very friendly and quite helpful. Millionaire Match understands the true meaning of value when it comes to online dating.

MillionaireMatch Costs & Pricing

pricing page to help you choose your millionairematch membership

You can have a decent time with Millionaire Match as a free user thanks to things like being able to reply to messages and get help via the live chat feature.

However, the paid version of the site offers so many more advantages. When you have a Millionaire Match Gold Membership, you'll see why this is one of the best dating sites.

Along with standard things like being able to see if messages have been read and better search options, a Gold Membership lets you do unique things like replying to a user's first date ideas and talking with a Millionaire Match counselor.

Additionally, the prices for these services aren't too bad, considering the excellent quality of the site.

For a month, Gold Membership costs $70. This is reasonable considering the quality of the site's members and authenticity checks.

However, it's far better when you sign up for three months, which costs $45 per month, or six months, which costs $40 per month. 

If you're a millionaire yourself, you'll definitely be able to afford that. Plus, you can earn a "Certified Millionaire" badge in the process.

Pros and Cons


  • Millionaire focus
  • Free accounts
  • Great premium features
  • Many ways to show you're interested in someone
  • High rate of success
  • Excellent Mobile App
  • Strong Profile Verification Checks


  • Lack of match suggestions
  • More costly than other mainstream sites

The Bottom Line:

You don't just stumble into a site like Millionaire Match. This site is populated by people who know precisely what they desire, and with some persistence, they can get it.

You might've previously tried to express your millionaire-seeking status on sites but have become jaded by a lack of success. With Millionaire Match, you can feel optimistic again.

There's no concern about people pretending to be millionaires, as Millionaire Match has a superb verification process. Plus, the "Certified Millionaire" badge makes things even more apparent. The users are also real catches, with tons of charisma and lots of attractive features.

Whether you're looking for a millionaire or are one yourself, Millionaire Match could be the dating site for you. It doesn't take too long to
sign up, and navigating the site is a total breeze. 

Put your money, effort, and time into Millionaire Match, and you'll see why it's such an excellent and enriching site to find like-minded individuals.

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