Reviewing The Text Your Ex Back System: Is It Worth The Price?

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Your relationship just ended, so now what?

While your window of time to reconcile with your ex gets narrower as each day passes following a breakup, it’s definitely possible. 

“Text Your Ex Back” is an program that gives lots of good advice on how to ignite the flames again with your ex through texting.

Michael Fiore, the author, specializes in helping relationships. There’s some real ingenuity offered here.

With his advice, you won’t be relying on the same methods that might’ve led your relationship to falter in the first person.

You need to have a new mindset, even if the relationship isn’t entirely new.

Listen to this advice with real intention and think about why you’re being told what you are.

There’s a lot of good that can come from giving things a second chance, but you have to put forth the effort.

Here's the rundown on the program.

About This Program

If you’ve dated long enough, you probably have at least one relationship that ended before it needed to.

There might’ve been what seemed like a valid reason at the time, but you eventually realized that if you could’ve prevented it, you would’ve.

A lot of things can prevent a reunion, including pride.

Text Your Ex Back” covers what it’s title brings up, but also more. It helps you understand the flaws that hurt you and your partner in the first place. 

Any relationship is susceptible to these flaws, so don’t think that you can just go into a new relationship and not expect history to unfortunately repeat itself.

Texting and its use in relationships is a fairly new development, but its significance is undeniable.

You can use your writing skills and thoughtfulness to help patch things up.

Alternatively, people who lack etiquette can end up hurting their chances of reunion even more.

But Fiore takes an optimistic perspective with this program. He knows that texting can be a tool for good when it comes to saving relationships.

At its core, it’s a communication tool, and it can make your communication better all around.

Who Is Michael Fiore?

You might not know Michael Fiore’s name, but you might’ve seen his face. He’s popped up on TV to offer his expertise.

Additionally, this is one of several programs he’s created on relationships.

Part of his success can be attributed to his personableness. Fiore doesn’t just proselytize. He brings actual character into his writing.

You can better understand why he’s offering his advice through how he shares it.

Psychic abilities might not exist, but “
Text Your Ex Back” can help you tap into your ex’s mind. This can be done without being a manipulative action. 

Fiore teaches about how to be better at empathy, which can only make your relationship better.

What's This Program Include?

With a versatile array of materials, including multimedia aspects, “Text Your Ex Back” gives you lots of ways to use texting to your advantage.

Information is parsed out sensibly, through 11 different parts that use creative titling to pique your curiosity even further.

1.) Introduction

Fiore gives an overall introduction to his program and what you should expect to learn from him throughout

2.) The Dumper and the Dumped

This is the first two parts of the eBook. It can be a tough pill to swallow, because it tells you why you were likely dumped.

Denial can put you in a terrible spot, and it can make you seem like you’re not actually willing to change, only that you want to get back with your ex for the sake of your self-esteem.

3.) The Big Goal

Missing someone on a night of loneliness isn’t a good enough reason to get back with them. You need to actually have real reasons, which is what this section helps you figure out.

4.) The Flight Deck

You might want to skip right to this section, as it’s the one that involves texting. However, you absolutely shouldn’t do so. When you’re finally prepared, you can follow the process listed here.

5.) Text Judo

Texting is just the start of getting back with your ex. You need to let yourself be vulnerable, likely in a way that you haven’t been since the relationship initially started.

6.) Across the Bow

There needs to be a strategy in some part of your reaching out. This section gives you advice on both the timing and tone of your messages.

7.) Prepping the Soil

Just as a farmer or gardener needs to make sure the soil is tilled before planting, you need to make sure you're creating a fertile ground for your relationship to regrow. Otherwise, you’ll yield no crop to speak of.

8.) The Green-Eyed Monster

While your former partner might claim they’re happy to be done with you, there are some ways you can make them doubt this.

You need to create actual desire within them, so much so that they’ll start to see you as someone they can’t imagine being without.

9.) Planting the Seeds

Your partner fell for you because how special you are and how you made them feel. To give a relationship fruition on the second go-around, you need to heed the advice in this section.

10.) Reaping the Harvest

If you’ve done everything you need to, everything should fall into place. This part of the eBook helps you get your relationship restarted in the right way.

11.) Texting Steady

Try new things with every part of your revamped relationship, including after things are officially back on track.

It takes constant nurturing for a relationship to stay healthy. In this section, you’ll see why consistency is important with your texting and how you communicate otherwise.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple to comprehend training
  • Concrete scenarios given
  • Lots of applicable texts
  • Lets you see things from your ex’s POV
  • Keeps you from dwelling and blaming yourself
  • Encourages stronger relationship practices
  • 30-day guarantee
  • For both genders
  • Members get excellent support


  • Might not work for certain people
  • Requires self-assessment
  • Requires self-discipline to finish
  • Not all texts apply to all people
  • Don’t receive all sections at once

The Bottom Line:

Your texting wasn’t the only reason why your relationship ended. So, why would fixing it help to get it back on track.

Well, this program isn’t mean to say that texting is the only thing to cover, but it’s definitely an important one, and it can help lead to a lot of growth in other areas.

Even if you’re not convinced yet, reading through the first few sections will help clarify the point of this system very quickly.

It attracts you through its catchy title, but it keeps you through how thoughtfully it’s written.

You’re going to be texting no matter what, and some of these people could be partners.

If you haven’t learned anything from your old relationship ending, what’s to say you won’t just repeat the same blunders?

“Text Your Ex Back” puts you back in control and stops you from succumbing to your worst instincts.

Plus, there’s no harm in trying. If you don’t like it after 30 days, you can request a refund.

There are no major restrictions either, as both straight and LGBTQ people can make use of this program.

The end of a relationship can put you in a period of mourning, and you might think that all hope is lost.

It’s only gone if you’ve completely given yourself to being despondent, which we hope isn’t the case.

You shouldn’t just pull out your phone and start sending out texts in hopes that it garners an ex’s pity.

You can trust Michael Fiore for many reasons, including his friendliness and his credentials.

His line of work is a kind that many try to do, but few are actually able to succeed. The reason he can is that he’s actually knowledgeable, and his advice makes sense.

However, it’s not just a bunch of filler that anyone could’ve thought up.

No relationship book is perfect, and some things could be better about this one, such as its structure.

We hope that Fiore releases future installments that expand on some of the concepts he discusses here.

But what's most important is what you do and how much you're willing to change. "Text Your Ex Back" sets the stage for you, but it's up to you if you want to succeed.

To check out this program you can click the link below and see if it's a good fit for you. Best of luck!