Reviewing Mend The Marriage: Is This Program Worth It?

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Marriages can all go through rough patches. There might be a loss of initial spark or a lack of communication that causes a union to lose its vitality.

Cheating, or the temptation to do so, can also put marriage in serious trouble.

While certain marriages end at the first sign of trouble, others are kept alive because the people involved believe they’re worth fighting for.

However, you can’t expect to fight unless you have the right tools. One of the best you can use is “Mend the Marriage,” created by Brad Browning.

If you want to give your marriage a real chance at redemption, you should consider this program.

All marriages are unique, which is what makes them so beautiful when they go right.

Brad Browning might not be able to observe your marriage specifically and offer advice tailored to it, but the information here can be used in lots of scenarios.

Key Features

  •  45,000 word professionally-designed e-book
  •  7-part live-person video series
  • 3 high-quality bonus PDF's (30-40+ pages each)
  • 25-chapter professional audio course
  • 3-part "team building" worksheets

About This Program

A marriage on the rocks can be helped by “Mend the Marriage.” The use of this program isn’t limited to men or women either.

Completely digital, it’s comprised of an e-book as well as audio recordings and videos.

It’s made with a strong awareness of marriages, how they can wind up in bad shape, and how they can be helped.

The book portion of “
Mend the Marriage” explains ways marriages can turn sour and what spouses can do to fix. 

Using “ABCD,” couples can avoid conflict and learn to embrace each other again.

It just requires you to “Accept the situation,” “build resilience,” “commit to change,” then “dedicate yourself to the task.” 

But you can’t jut be aware of these steps. You also need to live them.

To help, this program comes with hands-on materials that test and furthers your knowledge.

Different situations are covered within the material, including dealing with cheating and helping children understanding divorce.

Reading through “Mend the Marriage” will give you practical information, delivered in a practical manner.

If you think you’ve done “everything,” to salvage your marriage, you can attempt one more thing with this system.

About Brad Browning

The name Brad Browning might not mean anything to you, but he has credentials you can trust.

For more than. decade, he’s been helping couples restore their relationships when it seemed like all hope was lost.

You only have to read endorsements of his “The Ex Factor Guide” to know that Browning is the real deal.

Another way to get acquainted with Browning is with his YouTube videos, which cover similar topics as his books.

Browning’s web presence extends to different websites, with pieces offering his wisdom on making the most out of love.

No one person can rescue a marriage they’re not directly involved in, but what Brad Browning can do is provide tools for helping those in the marriage help themselves. 

His success record is a positive indicator that the Browning way of doing things is one of the best.

What’s In The Program?

Using “Mend the Marriage,” lets you see things that might’ve been clouded by bad judgment or poor thought patterns.

Essentially, you’ll need to undo the direction you’ve been going in that has put your marriage at risk. It’s like patching up a car that’s been making some funny noises.

If you’re not thinking well of your spouse or not thinking about them at all, your marriage is going to suffer.

In his program, Brad Browning addresses negativity, because he knows that you can’t just pretend everything is okay and expect it to be.

The aforementioned “ABCD” method helps you to handle conflicts maturely and successfully.

All of these can be used for different situations in ways that let everyone come out feeling respected and heard.

Other Key Information

Brad Browning takes a step-by-step approach to help couples solve conflict and restore their marriage.

It doesn’t give a one-size-fits-all method, because every situation is unique.

A troubled marriage can only be saved if the people involved care about saving it.

This program can’t accomplish that any more than a good pair of running shoes can help you finish a marathon.

You have to take control and put forth the effort.

However, it’s full of information and useful methods that can help you bring the love and excitement back into your marriage.

You can re-learn all the things that helped you to fall in love with your spouse.

Marital problems can happen, but you can solve them in different ways. “Mend The Marriage,” puts these solutions right into your hands.

Will This System Work?

There are other ways to help your marriage, including going to counseling. However, that can cost a lot of money and time.

“Mend The Marriage” takes the philosophy of marriage counseling and helps you bring into your home.

Instead of scheduling appointments, you can pull out your laptop or smartphone and go over the information.

Using “Mend The Marriage” properly means going through your marriage and thinking about what behaviors might have put it in a bad place.

This isn’t about making you or your spouse feel bad. You need to work together.

It’s not hard to understand “Mend The Marriage,” but it can be a challenge for people actually to put the advice to use. 

They need to take the time to go through the program, digest the information, apply what they have learned, and repeat.

If you really give this program a try and it’s not doing anything to help, you can get a refund in 60 days. Try not to ask for this if you’ve only read a little bit for a day or so.

A marriage in trouble can be given a second chance thanks to “Mend The Marriage,” and the participation of people who really care about their union.

You have overcome so much, and this doesn’t have to be any more of a challenge than anything else you’ve succeeded at.

Pros and Cons


  • Both women and men who are having marital issues can benefit from this program. It's best to go through it with your partner for maximum benefits
  • Multiple ways of digesting the information whether you learn better through video, audio, or from reading
  • Compared to couples counseling, you can save your marriage for a fraction of the cost since this program is affordable.
  • Many different marriage scenarios are discussed to give multiple perspectives on how to address your situation.
  • Get a full refund after 60 days if you aren't satisfied with the program.


  • No tailored advice to a couple specific situation. 
  • You need to put forth the effort to apply the information from the program. There is no quick fix or magic pill to save your marriage over night.

The Bottom Line:

If marriages didn't require care, they wouldn't be worth it. You might be evaluating the direction yours has taken and think about what you could've done differently.

While that list is likely long, trying to itemize all of your mistakes isn't going to help.

What will help is using a program like "
Mend The Marriage." What we liked most about Brad Browning is that he won't give you any false promises of instant results. 

He's transparent and upfront about who his program is for, and who it isn't.

Don't ever take your marriage for granted or just assume that one glance over this program will give you all the solutions you need.

Keep yourself accountable and remember to embrace the beauty of a successful marriage.

You can watch Brad Browning's first video for free by clicking the "Watch Intro Video Here" button below. We wish you the best of luck!